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The Unity Modular Collection is designed to give our customers the option to change a section of their serving line with minimal downtime and in the most cost-effective manner. We pay close attention to the functionality of our counter lines. Each section can be fabricated with custom tray slides and unique panel finishes. The Master Fabricator’s modular line can be designed as independent units, but together form the look comparative to a continuous serving line.

Unity: Modular Collection

Francis Tuttle Rockwell

Oklahoma City, OK

Modular Base Body – Two Separate Units

Complete Angle Iron Frame 

MF - Clearvista Sneeze Guards with

Starphire Glass

MDF Removable Laminate Panels 

Middle School

Cleveland, TX

Modular Base Body – Two Separate Units

Master Fabricators Clearvista Adjustable Sneeze Guards

Stainless Steel Flat Tray Slide

POS Cashier Section with 18 Gauge Stainless Steel Doors

Removable Laminate Panels

18 Gauge Stainless Steel Removable Kick Plates

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